We made a few too many, but lucky you! Now you get to enjoy a sale and support rescuing puppies at the same time!

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Sale Items! (8)

DOG MOM Corded Crew

$25.00 USD

Dream -every dog a home

$20.00 USD$44.00 USD

Dog Mom Puff Sweatshirt

$25.00 USD$64.99 USD

Irish I Had All The Dogs Sweatshirt

$20.00 USD$64.99 USD

Dog Person Cord Sweatshirt

$20.00 USD

Dog Mom- Short Sleeve Tee

$9.99 USD

Donuts, Dogs and Sweatpants- Pepper Long Sleeve Shirt

$9.99 USD

Raising Dogs - Short Sleeve Shirt

$9.99 USD