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Welcome to Treat Dreams! Thank you for visiting! 
Dog Lover Shirts for a DOGgone Good Cause!!
Clever dog lover shirts all made or designed by me and my mom! 10% of purchases made benefit a different canine rescue organization around the country every month.. 

We are a mother-daughter team that has a passion for dogs! We love being involved in any kind of work involving dogs: therapy dog work, training, recreational, rescue and canine health and nutrition.
Kaitlin is 28 years old and has been inspired by dogs her whole life and has ventured into therapy dog work, dog training, dog sitting and just the overwhelming unconditional love and loyalty of dogs.

Kerri has raised three kids and now wants to devote more of her time to her loyal canine companions. She takes them with her wherever she goes and wants only the best for all dogs. She has rescued/fostered 20 dogs (2 of which became part of the family) and loves making the world of even one dog a better place. 

Molly, Lucy and Dot are the trusted treat testers and inspiration behind this business. Baby and Tank our the newest additions. They are foster fails and we couldn’t be happier we failed miserably at finding them homes! 


Kerri and Kaitlin

- We are available to prepare and ship orders for you Mondays-Fridays. Shipping will go out Mondays-Saturdays. 
- Returns and Exchanges: We do our best to ensure you receive quality products that are packaged and distributed with utmost care and protection, but if you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us and we will do our best to correct the issue. 













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