Shipping Policies

We make all of our treats fresh, made to order. So we will need 3-5 days to complete your order. 
 We use USPS Priority Mail. Your package should get there in 2-3 days, but it is not a guarantee! Priority Mail decreases the risk of damage to the treats by allowing you to receive them in a timely fashion, however I cannot guarantee damage free treats 100% of the time. We do our very best to select quality packaging, and take quality time in preparing your packages so you receive your treats in the best possible shape! 

We are able to ship one half pound order for $5.15. 2-6 half pound orders can be shipped for $11.30. And 7-14 half pound orders can be shipped for $16.00.

We are available to prepare treats for you and your pup Mondays-Fridays. Shipping will go out Mondays-Saturdays.