My Favorite Dog Themed Baby Items

by Kaitlin Anderson on January 30, 2020

My very first nephew is due February 14th and my entire family is over the moon! A lot of money has been spent on baby items, ha! His dad is a firefighter and they love their rescue pitties so his entire nursery and outfit choices consist of dogs or fire trucks.

 Baby blanket personalized dog

That being said. I have been out and about looking and seeing a lot of adorable dog themed baby items! Oh my gosh I had no idea there was a whole other realm of items I needed to spend my money on!

I settled on a few, but then am also linking a few others I have seen since showering my nephew-to-be with gifts.

A trend these days with baby showers is to give books instead of cards with your gift. Of course, I have to find a dog book, but then scrolling through Instagram one day, I found THE dog book. 
Belly rubbins baby book

"Belly Rubbins For Bubbins: The Story of a Rescue Dog" by Jason Kraus is about  the resilience of a pit bull named Bubbins, from the rough beginning of his life until finding his forever family. 51% of the profits are donated to charity.

Shop here on Amazon!

So this was a no-brainer for my newest nephew to have in his book collection.

Then I had to find the perfect gift. Since I'm his aunt, I didn't want to get him pacifiers that he will one day grow out of, I wanted to give him something memorable, special and with significance. And that's when I stumbled upon the perfect gift: personalized newborn blanket, hat and leggings with YOUR DOG'S PRINT! I almost fainted with excitement. 
Dog baby blanket

They are from an adorable Etsy shop and Edita, the owner was so great! She communicated with me every step of the way and did an absolutely fabulous job. They came in and I am in love!!!

Dog baby blanket

She has many options you can purchase, but I thought a blanket was better than a swaddle because it can be used for much longer than a baby swaddle. Heck I want a blanket for myself! 

 Pitty cute dog baby onesie

And of course I gave him all our "Pitty Cute" items we have! This ones is for a girl, but we have boy ones too! Many don't know but a few years ago I just thought these baby items were going to be all the rage so we ran a few.

Shop them here!

They didn't go over so well, so we still have them, but I'm still in love with with and they are still on our site. I give them to anyone I know who is having a baby because they are always "pitty cute".

The other two items I did not purchase but saw and decided that I would purchase them for my own child one day so I have linked them here for you to see. 

1. Puppy Baby Shoes   2. Belly Rubbins For Bubbins Book

3. Puppy Play Mat  4.Pitty Cute Onesie   5. Personalized Newborn Blanket With Your Dogs

Here is also the link to my Pinterest Board : Fur Babies and Human Babies, where I am constantly finding more fun things!