The Best Bedding For Dog Hair

by Kaitlin Anderson on January 14, 2020

Bedding is important for many reasons. It obviously needs to be comfortable, but also if you're like me, the dogs sleep there with you too, so it needs to be able to withstand a lot of time in the washing machine and handle the dog hair well. 

I have had great success with all of these things at Target so I am sharing my items with you that I use and love. I have had all of these things for many years. They have been romped on by many dogs and gone through the washing machine many times!


The first thing you need to decide is color.

I choose grey because it works best with the dog hair of all my dogs. White is obviously out because it shows dirt WAY too easily. I can't do black because Molly, my worst shedder, is a yellow lab. And I am not a color person, I like my neutrals, mostly black, white and grey. So I do almost everything grey in my house that I can. It works well with black hair, white hair and blonde hair. 

Material is the next factor to consider.

Choose material that has a tightly woven structure to it. Anything with loose weaves = places for dog hair to get stuck. I love polyester or any kind of microfiber. Something satin also is a perfect fit. With that being said, when sheets have a thread count, that is what they are talking about. A 1,000 thread count will have a much tighter weave than a 300 thread count. I have found a fabulous pair at Target I am linking below in the picture. I have recommended it to all my friends and family with dogs. They are silky smooth and handle dog hair extremely well.

That's why I like this selection of quilt over the others offered at Target. See below for my link.

For bedspreads, I don't use them. I have loved the quilt selection at Target. They are easier to use, wash and lay flat at your bed. The one I have is no longer offered, but they have a few very similar that I am linking. I've been very impressed with how it has held up to my giant dogs and multiple washings.  

Everything needs to be washable.

Think about this when looking at throw pillows and blankets. As much as I love those huge knotted blankets that are popular. I can't throw it in the wash three times a week if needed and expect it to hold up.

I have two throw blankets I use on my bed. One from West Elm and one from Pottery Barn. Although the Pottery Barn faux fur has clumped together a bit, the West Elm one has done extremely well and can look just like new after I wash it.


Here are the items that I love and use at my house. Good luck and let me know what your favorite bedding items are! I would love to hear!

1. Fieldcrest Sheets  2. Opalhouse Quilt  

3. Sweater Blanket  4. Ombre Faux Fur Throw

5. LOVE Throw Pillow 



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