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Peanut Butter Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

Peanut Butter Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

This peanut butter dog cake recipe is our dog's absolute favorite and is very easy to make with things you already have in your kitchen.

Get ready for all the drools when making this cake!

on January 01, 2020
Frozen Candy Corn Dog Treats

Frozen Candy Corn Dog Treats

These easy, delicious treats require no cooking and are perfectly festive!
on October 21, 2019
Pumpkin Mummy Dog Treats

Pumpkin Mummy Dog Treats

It's almost Halloween so I turned our traditional pumpkin dog treat recipe into spooky mummies to celebrate the season!
on October 14, 2019
Pup-kin Pup-Cake Recipe

Pup-kin Pup-Cake Recipe

The weather is perfect and this recipe is a fun simple way to incorporate some pumpkin into your dog's diet. It's an easy pup-kin pup-cake recipe!
on October 07, 2019
Pup-kin Spice

Pup-kin Spice "Latte" Puppuccino

Make your pup their very own Pumpkin Spice Latte! We call it the "Pup-kin Spice Latte".
on September 26, 2019



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